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Clavichord Brassware, Hass, Hoffman & Silberman etc

Ref. 133
‘Leipzig Nr. 2’ strap hinge 19mm x 93mm; return is 14mm
Ref. 134
‘Liepzig Nr. 2’ hinges 19mm x 75 or 90mm

Ref. 91

Hass strap hinge
Top 37mm x 68mm, return 12,5mm

Ref. 92
Hass flap hinge 31mm x 72mm open

Ref. 101

Hass lock 61mm wide

Ref. 103

Hoffman 1784 strap hinge shows on inside of lid; 43mm wide

Ref. 171

Flap hinge to match ref. 103 42mm x 53mm open

Ref. 104

Hoffman lock 75 wide

Ref. 165

Silberman flap hinge 50mm x 40mm open






Ref. 130   28mm tangents

Ref. 160  32mm tangents

These are cast on the ‘tree’, one being slightly larger than the others for use in the bass octave; the shaft has a light thread roughly 12mm long to permit fine height adjustment. The diameter is 3.. (3.8mm for bass tangents) and the top striking surface is 3.7-4.0mm (4.6-4.8mm for the bass tangents

Ref 23 is a tangent 35mm long, tip width 3.8mm
Ref 24 is a tangent 48mm long, tip width 4.1mm


Ref 224

Silberman clavichord, lock escutcheon
90mm x 21mm


New: a ‘Mini Mietke’ flap hinge for clavichords…. or perhaps for a 4/10 scale Mietke for the fairies at the bottom of your garden?  This flap hinge is 65mm open x 26mm wide. I’m sure there are many uses for this that I haven’t thought of yet.

Thanks to Karin Richter who is to blame for shrinking things.

Ref. 238

Ref. 238   65mm x 26mm small