Ref. 25
Propstick support & pivot
Ref. 29
Slotted brass plate
Ref. 57
Shudi Broadwood 1772:
Venetian swell ring pull

Ref. 230

Plain hinge, 40mm x 60mm open

Ref. 202

Early Steinway action retaining nut

Ref. 231

Square Piano small butt hinge
30mm x 20mm open

Ref. 232

Tiny butt hinge 21mm x 15mm
for music desks
Ref. 220
The Harpsichord Chariot (supplied with two straps)
With your covered harpsichord strapped in, you can race your chariot in and out of vehicles, tight spaces and up and down stairs, on your own.

You can safely stop for a rest, it won’t easily fall over. The wheels are removed in seconds as you put it into your vehicle.

You’ll still need assistance fitting the instrument into the chariot and removing it but the rest you can do alone.

How did you do all those hires without it??

Ref. 238   65mm x 26mm small

Ref. 238

New: a ‘Mini Mietke’ flap hinge for clavichords…. or perhaps for a 4/10 scale Mietke for the fairies at the bottom of your garden?  This flap hinge is 65mm open x 26mm wide. I’m sure there are many uses for this that I haven’t thought of yet.

Thanks to Karin Richter who is to blame for shrinking things.


Bechstein Grand c. 1860, lid hinges

A pair of lid hinges one lift-off and the other with a loose pin; Pickfords seem to loose them!

Ref. 241, lift-off hinge for tail end

Bechstein grand, c.1860 lift-off lid hinge

Bechstein grand, c.1860
lift-off lid hinge

Ref. 240, lid hinge , loose pin at keyboard end

Bechstein grand, c.1860 loose pin lid hinge

Bechstein grand, c.1860
loose pin lid hinge