Candle Holders

Ref 136

Candle holders and so on – not something I ever wanted to make but there you go!

Ref. 136
Candle holder and drip-tray on brass swivel; various patterns are available, but this is my favourite. I can supply extra inserts for fitting, so that you can drip wax on more than one instrument…..

Ref. 203

'Star' Piano candle holder boss
Ref. 204
Candleholder arm to fit Ref. 203
Ref. 206.1
34mm diam x 42mm high
Ref. 206.2
42mm diam x 45mm high
Ref. 206.3
34mm diam x 39mm high
Ref. 206.4
40mm diam x 55mm high
Ref. 206.5
30mm diam x 31mm high

Ref. 207.1

56mm diam
Ref. 207.2
66mm diam

Ref. 207.3

58mm diam

Ref. 207.4

39mm diam

CandelabraRef. 136.1

Another iteration
for a harpsichord