Flemish Brassware

Ruckers Brassware Derived mainly from the brassware found on the 1638 double-manual in the Russell collection in Edinburgh. Also Couchet…

Ref. 1
Flap hinge 67mm open
Ref. 2
Strap hinge 210mm wide 15mm return
Ref. 3
Lock & Hasp Lock plate 105x66mm
Ref. 4
Harp stop escutcheon 53mm wide
Ref. 5
Lever escutcheon 45x53mm
Ref. 71
Ruckers-Delin hook 45mm pivot to end
Ref. 127
Ruckers-Taskin ‘bird’ hook (double-sided)
55mm pivot to end
Ref. 138
Hook from 1638 Ruckers (double-sided)
47mm pivot to end
Ref. 25
Prop stick support: wide enough for the pivoting stick to have a short stick in the centre of the main one.
Ref. 182
Strap hinge Dulcken1745
(John Barnes’ collection, Edinburgh)
Ref. 183
Lock and hasp, Dulcken 1745

Ref. 184
Dulcken pattern flap hinge
Ref. 185
Couchet strap hinge Based on the original hinges
on the Couchet-Taskin in Stockholm 100mm wide x 93mm

Ref. 194

Flap hinge to match Ref. 185
53mm wide x 67mm open
Ref. 195
Colmar Ruckers
Strap hinge 39mm wide x 53 long (top)
return is 12mm
Ref. 196
Colmar Ruckers
Flap hinge 100mm open x 29 wide