Knobs, handles & levers

Wrest-plank drawing provided

Brass knobs & handles

Ref. 21

Tisseran hand-stop knob 35mm high x 24mm diameter. Usually threaded M6 but anything is possible…

Ref. 44

Spanish drawer handle and back-plate 74mm wide

Ref. 57

Ring-pull from the Venetian swell  of a Shudi-Broadwood harpsichord of 1781in Oxford 31mm diameter ring and plate

Ref. 68
Mietke lever handle 50mm high

Ref. 70
Acorn finial knob
11mm D x 24mm (38mm) high

Ref. 75

Small lever handle 39mm high

Ref. 80

Lever handle, French style
30mm high





Ref. 81
Name-board screw
8.8mm D x 13.75mm high

total length 34mm

Ref. 89

Kirckman name-board screw
12.6mm D x 15.4mm high

Ref. 90

Kirckman hand-stop knob
24mm D x 22 high

Ref. 139a,
b, c (b not available)
Turned knob
12mm diameter
height 19.9mm

Ref. 197

Large decorative stop knob.
18mm diameter x 24mm high



Ref. 198
Square Piano stop knob

18.7mm diameter x 21mm high

threaded 3/16"BSW or M5


More levers