Tuning Tools

Ref. 84xx
Tuning hammers

These are modelled on an antique hammer that I own, and are, like the original a delight to use. The handle is hardwood, and strikers and shaft are silicone bronze. I make handles in 2 lengths shanks in 3 lengths; for piano pins the shank is heavier and of intermediate length, or very short (35mm) with the shank offset in the handle giving increased leverage and control without the danger of bending pins that can occur when using a lever; standard handles are also available. I have found the offset design helpful when tuning the treble of virginals and square pianos, where the lid gets in the way.

Ref. 172

Toning needle holder This uses a single needle.
Good in restricted spaces.
Ref. 201.xx
Double head, Steinway pattern
(Schaff thread on request)
Ref. 218
Aluminium T-hammer handle

Ref. 219.xx
Hardened shank for ref. 218 handle, all sizes

Tuner’s emergency kit.
All you need – you can fit the handle and several different sized shafts into a mobile phone pouch or similar. Your tuning gear won’t spoil the lines of the dinner suit!