Brass Hooks – Dimension is from end to centre of pivot hole D/S:  double sided

Ref. 11
31mm D/S

Ref. 37
51mm D/S

Ref. 52
lid eye
Ref. 52.1
lid eye

Ref. 51

Ref. 53

Ref. 54
L & B Jack Cover Hook


Ref. 63
Jack rail hook & plate
1760 Shudi No. 407
Ref. 71
Ref. 79
(R or L) 34mm
Ref. S/24
Steel eye for hooks, blued & threaded M4
Ref. 138
48mm D/S
Ref. 127
55mm D/S

Ref. 176

35mm D/S

Ref. 199

Small (square piano) hook, LH or RH

Ref. 215

Plate with eye for hook