Traditional brassware for early keyboard instruments – pricelist.

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Ref. No.Description2020 Price
S/06Music stand brassware240.00
S/07Square piano leg ring, cast55.00
S/08Steel lever for Mietke completeb with ref. 68 brass handle52.80
S/09Stop lever made to your dimensions50.00
S/10Heart ended stop lever made to your drawing50.00
S/11S/10 lever, Ref214 pivot system, and register pin60.00
S/14Loose hinge pins, Grand piano, made to order4.00
S/15Replacement loose pins1.50
S/16Replacement bronze key15.00
S/17Ref 10 (top) + spine part of ref.9434.86
S/18Ref 10L (top) + spine part of ref.9441.64
S/20Pre-looped string, Rose iron4.20
S/21Pre-looped string, Rose yellow brass5.80
S/22Pre-looped string, Rose red brass6.00
S/23S/D Brass butt hinge, 38x22mm, polished.5.28
S/24Steel screw-in eye threaded M49.00
S/26Ref 10 top with Ref 94 top as return40.00
S/37Ref 175 spine part with vestigial top part to edge of lid22.20
S/45English style levers in brass or steel to your drawing65.00
S/47S/D brass butt  hinge, 2″ x 1 3/8″, polished, loose pin10.32
S/48Ring-pull (made for Silberman clavichord)26.88
1Ruckers flap hinge31.50
2Ruckers ‘Y’ strap hinge97.62
3Ruckers lock & hasp196.32
4Lever Escutcheon18.06
5Harpstop escutcheon14.46
6.1Strap hinge, 210mm63.00
6.2Strap hinge, 172mm60.00
6.3Strap hinge, 133mm55.00
7Flap hinge32.58
8Hayward strap hinge47.34
9Hayward flap hinge25.56
9.1Blank lock escutcheon14.70
10Small flap hinge 12.5mm return32.04
10.1Small strap hinge, return increased to 18 mm42.90
1118th century hook (double-sided)6.54
12Italian (GZ 1622) flap hinge29.40
13K & B  long strap hinge55.44
14K & B short strap hinge48.00
14sK&B style, very short strap hinge (for panelled lids)40.80
15K & B lock & hasp, with decorative key78.42
16K & B flap hinge32.34
17K & B lid fitting (17 mm return)28.14
17.1Tisseran lid fitting (9 mm return)28.14
18Tisseran/Smith/Barton strap hinges, various lengths104.34
19Tisseran/Barton flap hinge34.92
20Tisseran jackrail bolt34.14
21Tisseran stop knob, threaded M639.60
22Taper cup foot45.72
25Propstick support  & pivot45.00
26Lever escutcheon11.46
27Harpstop lever escutcheon11.46
28Lever escutcheon11.46
29Slotted brass plate11.00
30William Smith harpsichord: flap hinge33.12
31Garnier flap hinge33.78
32Anon. ‘1623’: strap hinge60.12
33Anon.’1623′: flap hinge31.98
34English flap hinge (L&B, Shudi, Kirckman)37.74
35Taskin 1769: Flap hinge40.80
36Taskin: Lever escutcheon12.84
37Taskin: Jack-rail hook11.40
38Taskin: Lock escutcheon13.74
39Hitchcock spinet: Strap hinge51.66
40Hitchcock spinet: Flap hinge31.08
41Spanish Instrument: Lift-off flap hinge43.80
42Spanish Instrument: Lift-off strap hinge58.08
43Spanish Instrument: Lock escutcheon8.58
44Spanish drawer-pull & backplate22.02
45Lock escutcheon: Zumpe/Beyer (ca. 1775)18.48
46Stand bolt cover: Southwell,179912.72
47Stand bolt cover: Clementi, c. 180312.72
48Stand bolt cover: Broadwood, c. 180012.72
49Stand bolt cover, hanging8.64
50Stand bolt cover, horizontal fixing10.38
51William Smith ‘S’-hook and  washer12.66
52Shudi/L&B lid closure eye14.22
52.1Wiliam Smith lid closure eye14.22
53Shudi/L&B ‘S’- hook and washer12.24
54L&B jack-cover hook7.92
55L&B Venetian swell support block9.66
56L&B pedal ring, bolt and nut25.98
57Shudi-Broadwood 1772: Venetian swell ring-pull18.96
58Stand bolt cover: Shudi-Broadwood, 177212.66
59Stand bolt cover: Kirckman grand , 178112.66
60Stand bolt cover: Broadwood, pre-180012.66
61Stand bolt cover: Broadwood, 1802…12.66
63Jack-rail hook & plate, 1760 Shudi No. 40730.24
65Mietke: ‘fretted’ strap hinge (shows inside)74.88
65tMietke: ‘fretted’ strap hinge (shows on top of lid )74.88
66Mietke: ‘fretted’ flap hinge53.28
67Mietke: Lock assembly121.56
68Mietke: lever handle25.14
69Barton (& Tisseran?): lock escutcheon14.88
70Acorn finial ( Viennese piano)11.34
71Jackrail hook (Ruckers/Delin)5.70
72.1English strap hinge, 360mm long132.96
72.2English strap hinge, 265mm long123.84
72.3English strap hinge, 205mm long117.24
73Polished brass lock (for use with 9.1 & 69, etc)30.00
74Small stand bolt cover8.64
75Small lever handle (Mietke style)25.14
76Very small bolt hole cover8.64
78.1Handle for Broadwood Grand lid, 179232.70
78.2Handle for Broadwood Grand lid, c.180232.70
79Vaudry jack rail hook, L&R/Handed10.38
80Lever handle (French pattern)22.56
81Decorative nameboard screw11.04
83Tree of brass pins (when available)5.00
84.xxTuning hammer, hardwood & bronze56.40
84.xxET- hammer,  hardwood handle with no strikers38.82
85Leg boss (Schantz, c. 1795)19.98
86Plain Hitchcock strap hinge57.78
87Plain Hitchcock flap hinge35.58
88Fleur de Lys bolt cover15.48
89Kirckman name-batten screw12.24
90Kirckman stop knob27.12
91Hass clavichord strap hinge46.26
92Hass clavichord flap hinge31.20
93Lock escutcheon (U/grand, Sieffert, c.1820)17.88
94Strap hinge, matches Ref. 739.84
94.1Ref. 94 but top part shows inside lid39.84
95Viennese Grand, ornate ‘foot’42.00
96Lute stop jack cover bolt, Shudi  176034.14
97Broadwood (1792) lid closure complete (parts available separately)113.58
98Small decorated ‘Mietke’ flap hinge36.84
99Small decorated  ‘Mietke’ strap hinge49.38
100Walter piano: oval nameplate bezel24.60
101Hass clavichord: lock85.02
102Hitchcock spinet: lock78.42
1031784 Hoffman clavichord: strap hinge52.38
1041784 Hoffman clavichord: lock100.44
105Hitchcock spinet lid fastening42.12
106Broadwood Grand (1811):  lid hinge44.28
107Strap hinge – larger version of Ref. 853.40
108Decorative small Walther ‘foot’38.58
109Viennese piano main lid hinge (Stein 1785)34.26
110Keene Virginals: hasp and turnbuckle ass’y78.00
111Keene Virginals: Front flap hinge57.18
112Keene Virginals: hasp and lock assembly190.62
113Spanish (ref42) strap hinge (loose pin)58.08
114Spanish (ref41) flap hinge (fixed pin)43.80
115Fritz piano decorations: Nameplate frame35.52
116Fritz piano decorations: Lock escutcheon25.44
117Fritz piano decorations: Academy scene57.18
118Fritz piano decorations: Phoenix23.64
119Fritz piano decorations: Lyre20.04
120Fritz piano decorations: Rosette17.76
121Fritz piano decorations: Oak leaves29.10
124Plain Lid Hinges for Viennese Grands54.60
125Viennese piano flap hinge (Stein 1785)29.10
126Clementi Grand bolt cover13.86
127Ruckers ‘bird’ jack-rail hook, double sided13.00
128Gräbner 1739: lift-off lid hinge46.92
129Gräbner 1739: flap hinge35.10
13028mm tangents0.90
131aBrass underdamper lever (straight type, short)8.46
131bBrass underdamper lever (straight type, long)8.46
131cBrass underdamper lever (curved type)9.90
132aPivot for 131a,b4.26
132cPivot for 131c4.26
133‘Leipzig Nr. 2’  strap hinge 90mm45.48
134‘Leipzig Nr. 2’  flap hinge 90mm or 74mm35.52
135Leg ring for square pianos, turned to pattern77.64
136.1Candle holder and tray, on brass swivel80.64
136.2Candle holder and tray, on brass double swivel112.92
137.1Pin hinge – using spine part of Ref. 615.48
137.2Pin hinge – to match Ref. 9215.48
138Jackrail hook, Ruckers 1638, double-sided9.90
139aSmall (12mm diam.) knob15.60
139cSmall (12mm diam.) knob15.60
140Piano nameplate frame, anon?35.52
141Graf: nameplate frame35.52
142Graf: acanthus pattern, nameboard48.54
143Graf: acanthus pattern, keywell cheeks38.10
144Graf: lock escutcheon25.44
145Graf. lyre plinth moulding15.00
147Graf lyre capping14.82
149Narrow flap hinge29.46
150Narrow strap hinge, return is 9mm, for thin lids33.90
151Schiedmayer 1815, rosette25.98
153Small flush bolt34.80
153bas above, knob not flush34.80
155Escutcheon, matches Ref. 149 & 15013.02
156Strap hinge to match Ref. 149, longer & with 13mm return42.48
157Lion head ringpull, from c.1820 square piano stand drawer25.98
158Fritz piano (Stockholm), small case ornament 14.76
159Fritz piano, long decoration for corners of case42.66
16032 mm tangents1.20
165Flap hinge, Silberman clavichord Nürnberg 177532.04
166Large grotesque head25.98
167/105Decorative moulding strip 105 mm5.22
167/210> Decorative moulding strip 210 mm13.86
168Bolt cover, James Bell, c. 1805-1012.78
169Register retainer 40 mm12.42
170Register retainer 60 mm13.44
171Hoffman: flap hinge to match Ref. 103/10432.82
172Piano toning needle holder31.38
173Small lift-off bevelled hinge (for attaching front board to lid flap)8.58
174Donzelague fretted lock hasp and lockplate183.00
175Donzelague fretted strap hinge (12.5mm return)71.46
176Donzelague Jack rail hook9.48
178plain lid hinge, Graf 182616.20
179plain triangular hinge, Graf 182625.14
181Sunburst rosette, Dieudonné & Scheidmeyer 181515.90
182Dulcken 1745 strap hinge71.46
183Dulcken 1745 lock & hasp188.46
184Dulcken pattern flap hinge36.12
185Couchet-Taskin strap hinge72.24
186Taskin main lid hinge33.78
187Spanish (long) strap hinge60.48
188Decorative lift-off butt hinge11.76
189Oval bolt cover12.72
190Oval bolt cover (pineapple)12.72
191Piano name plate frame, lozenge shape35.52
192Donzelague pattern flap hinge36.90
193Slender stop knob39.24
194Couchet pattern flap hinge36.90
195Colmar Ruckers strap hinge45.54
196Colmar Ruckers flap hinge38.46
197Large decorative stop knob36.90
198Square piano stop knob26.70
199Small (square piano) hook, LH or RH10.20
200.xxBronze Steinway pattern single head  (while stocks last)44.46
201.xxBronze Steinway pattern double head (while stocks last)66.66
203‘Star’ Piano candle holder boss29.64
204Candleholder arm to fit Ref 20337.02
205Brodman small decoration (42 x 26 mm) 16.32
206Candle sconce, various patterns22.20
207Drip trays, various18.00
208Kirckman music rest hinge RH & LH pair49.38
209Kirckman music rest turn12.72
210Viennese Piano large ornate foot42.36
211Large leg rosette (Clementi?)19.98
214Lever pivot screw, with washer (BRONZE) Kirckman pattern11.28
215Fall board plate with eye for hook 14.10
216Nameboard screw, Broadwood grand 182322.56
218Aluminium T-hammer handle63.48
219.xxHardened shank for  ref. 218 handle, all sizes (while stocks last)21.18
220Harpsichord Chariot complete with straps500.00
221Oval bolt cover (B’wood)12.72
222Square piano lid hinge (Tomkison 1820)28.20
223.1Hitchcock  (V&A) engraved strap hinge 385mm long 201.60
223.2Hitchcock  (V&A) engraved strap hinge 330mm long168.00
223.3Hitchcock  (V&A) engraved strap hinge 265mm long127.68
223.4Hitchcock  (V&A) engraved strap hinge 226mm long114.24
224Silberman clavichord, lock escutcheon20.16
225“Milan” Ruckers-Taskin, flap hinge46.62
226“Milan” Ruckers-Taskin, strap hinge56.46
227Broadwood Grand ‘safety’ hinge40.32
228Hitchcock  (V&A) engraved flap hinge 38.82
229Barrel Organ stop knob25.56
230Plain hinge, 40mm x 60mm open30.00
231Square piano small butt hinge 30mm x 20mm open (4 screwholes)11.40
232Very tiny butt hinge 19mm x 15mm open  (for music desks?)10.20
234Leg boss ‘Tudor rose’ 60mm diameter18.00
235Silbermann harpsichord flap hinge (shows on inside of lid)54.00
236Silbermann harpsichord main lid hinge (shows on inside of lid)60.00
237Italian style lock and hasp150.00
238‘Mini Mietke’ flap hinge (for clavichords?)19.20
239Viennese (Fritz) nameplate bezel (recess 158 x 44mm)30.00
240Bechstein grand c.1860 lift-off lid hinge 36.00
241Bechstein grand c. 1860 lid hinge, loose pin 36.00
243Sabot, square piano, round pattern27.00
244L&B stand, castor(38mm lignum wheel)120.00
245Decorative strip 9″ long, Broadwood square piano c. 182112.00
246Large butt hinge, Erard 1860 lid42.00
249Small plate with eye for hook, for front boards7.20
250Hook, Broadwood 17969.90
251Mini Mietke strap hinge, 12mm return25.20
252Coupler knob26.40
253‘Vaudry’ stop knob31.20