From Spinets by Hayward 1680, Keene & Brackley 1715, Hitchcock ca. 1730

Ref. 8
Hayward strap hinge 127mm long, return 11mm

Ref. 9
Hayward flap hinge 19mm x 86mm open

Escutcheon to match 72mm x 19mm
K&B short strap hinge 107mm long;
return 11mm
K & B long strap hinge 127mm long;
return 11mm
Ref. 15
K&B lock and hasp lock plate 55mm x 32mm

Ref. 14s

K & B style, very short strap hinge (panelled lids)

K&B flap hinge 42mm x 102mm open

K&B lid closure plate 35mm wide lid return 17mm

Ref. 39
Hitchcock strap hinge
132mm long; return 13mm


Ref. 40

Hitchcock flap hinge
44mm x 88mm open

Ref. 102

Hitchcock lock & hasp
lock plate 83mm x 30mm

Ref. 105
Lid hasp & staple
width 40mm

Ref. 86
Plain Hitchcock strap hinge
127mm long, max. Width is 39mm
return is 9mm

Ref. 87
Plain Hitchcock flap hinge
39mm wide x 92mm open