My Brassware

My suites of brassware, derived loosely from Keene 1668 & Hayward 1680            

Ref. 6.1  215mm long
Ref. 6.2 172mm long
Ref. 6.3  133mm long
Return on these is 11mm
Ref. 7
68mm open
Ref. 9.1
Blank lock escutcheon

Ref. 10

Small strap hinge, 12.5mm return
Small strap hinge, return increased to 18mm


Ref. 25
My propstick support; wide enough for a central short stick, and the projecting 'tongue' holds the stick above the string band; made originally to match the Ruckers stuff.

Ref. 26

Lever escutcheon 40 x 20mm

Ref. 27
Harp stop escutcheon 53mm wide

Ref. 29

Slotted brass plate

Ref. 28

Lever escutcheon 53mm high

Ref. 94

Strap hinge 73mm long, 12mm return

Ref. 107
longer version of the Hayward strap hinge, suitable for smaller harpsichords 147mm long, 11mm return
Ref 137.1
Pin Hinge – using spine part of Ref. 6
Ref. 137.2
Pin Hinge – to match Ref. 92
Ref. 169
Register retainer 40mm

Ref. 170

Register retainer 60mm

Ref. 173

Lift-off hinge for fixing fall board to front flap.
22mm x 38mm open
Ref. 188
Decorative lift-off butt hinge
Ref. 215
Fall board plate with eye for hook

Ref. 197
Large decorative stop knob
Ref. S/17
Ref 10 (top) + spine part of Ref. 94

Ref. 230

Plain hinge, 40mm x 60mm open

Ref. 231
Square Piano small butt hinge
30mm x 20mm open 4 screwholes

Ref. 232

Tiny butt hinge 21mm x 15mm
 for music desks