English Pianos & Square Pianos

English Action Pianos (There's a separate page for stand bolt covers)

Ref. 45
Zumpe & Beyer c. 1775 lock escutcheon 70mm wide
Ref. 78
Broadwood grand lid closure handles

Ref. 97

The complete Broadwood assembly:

all bits available separately
Ref. 93
Sieffert upright grand piano c. 1820

Lock escutcheon 75mm x 35mm
Ref. 106
Broadwood grand 1811 lid
hinge 43mm wide
Ref. 131c & Ref. 132c
Broadwood square piano brass underdamper parts. (Ref. 131 is 'bass' size, and should be trimmed to suit towards the treble in steps)

Ref. 131a

Brass underdamper lever (straight type, short)

Ref. 131b

Brass underdamper lever (straight type, long)
Ref. 135
Leg rings for square pianos turned to pattern from tube,
50mm inside diameter
Ref. 167/21
Decorative strip 105 or 210mm long

Ref. S/07b

Square Piano leg ring cast
Available: 62mm ID x 47mm high
Turned ones to special order 50mm ID x 39mm high
Ref. 198
Square Piano stop knob
18.7mm diameter x 21mm high
threaded 3/16"BSW or M5

Ref. 199

Small (square piano) hook, LH or RH
Ref 211
Large leg rosette (Clementi?)
Ref. 217
Leg rosette
Ref. 157
Lion head ringpull,
from c.1820 square piano stand drawer

Ref 216

Nameboard screw, Broadwood Grand 1823
21mm diameter
Ref. 222
Square Piano lid hinge (Tomkison 1820)

width 38mm, open size 54 mm; thickness 2.4mm
Ref. 234
Leg boss (60mm diameter)

Ref. 231
Square Piano small butt hinge
30mm x 20mm open

Ref. 232
Very small butt hinge (for music desks?)
19mm x 15mm open


Ref. 243
Sabot for round (square piano) leg
Hole size 23mm

Ref. 245


Decorative strip 9" long

Broadwood square piano c. 1821


Ref. 250 Hook
Broadwood Sqare Piano 1788-96?
Pivot to eye 35mm