Early English Harpsichords

Early English Harpsichord Brassware Patterns


Ref. 18
Strap hinges of varying lengths, found on:
Joseph Tisseran 1700 (Bate Collection, Oxford)
Four hinges, 175mm,245mm, 314mm and 409mm long.
William Smith c. 1720 (Bate Collection, Oxford), and
Thomas Barton 1709 (Private collection)
Three hinges, 200mm, 254mm and 320 long
Ref. 17.1
Lid closing device (Tisseran)
Ref. 19
Flap hinge
(Barton & Tisseran)
90mm open
 Ref. 20
Jack rail bolt (Tisseran) 80mm long
 Ref. 21
Stop Knob (Tisseran)
24mm diameter
                                                                                              Ref. 30
Flap Hinge (Smith) 94mm open
Ref. 69
Lock escutcheon
 Ref. 32 Strap hinge
(Anon ‘1623’, private collection, Germany)
153mm long, return is 13mm
Ref. 33
Flap hinge (Anon ‘1623’) 60mm open

Ref 228

Hitchcock (V&A) engraved strap hinge
Hitchcock ca. 1725, V & A Museum
The engraved and chased decoration makes these rather special. There are four sizes, Ref. 223.1-4; to special order only. See below for details.


The Set.

Ref. 223.1   
Ref 223.2 
385mm long    330mm long

Ref 223.3

265mm long

Ref 223.4

226mm long

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