Viennese Piano

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Viennese Piano Brassware

Feet (Sabots)
The holes in the feet are formed by aluminium plugs in the mould used to make the waxes; in the case of Ref. 108 the hole passes right through the foot so the plug is longer than the foot. Measurements are approximate since the edges of the plugs are radiused.
Legs are fitted to the feet by first copying the size of the plugs, given above, and then fitting the leg to the foot. Refs 22, 95 and 210 are secured with a screw up through the bottom. The plug which forms the tapered hole in Ref 95 and 210 is 18mm square tapering to 15.5mm over the depth of the hole which is 18.25mm. Actual sizes vary as casting by lost wax is not an exact science. Get the sabots before shaping the bottom of the leg.

Ref. 210
Viennese piano foot in the style of Schanz
(Internal square taper is the same as Ref 22)

Ref. 22

top 18.23mm, depth 15.5,
bottom 16.10mm

Ref. 95
Top 18.25mm, depth 45.0,
bottom 12.75mm                

Ref. 108 Walter
top 13.00mm, depth 45.0
bottom 7.00mm

Ref. 85
Schantz c. 1795
Diameter 50 mm

Ref. 100
nameplate bezel
80 mm x 55 mm

Ref. 109
Stein 1785 main lid hinge
Shows on inside of lid, 141mm x 24mm

Ref. 125
Stein 1785 flap hinge 78mm x 22.5mm

Ref. 178
Plain lid hinge, Graf 1826
36mm wide, 22mm open


Ref. 179
Plain triangular hinge, Graf 1826
36mm wide, 38mm open








Ref. 124W: Walter 1795  Spine thickness 15mm      width 38mm
Ref. 124F: Fritz               Spine thickness 17mm      width 30mm
Ref. 124G: Graf               Spine thickness 19,5mm   width 35mm

You need the castings before the plate is made to fit within

Ref. 115 (Fritz)
Recess dimensions 142.5mm x 49.00mm

Ref. 140
Recess dimensions 135.5mm x 52.50mm

Ref. 141 (Graf)
Recess dimensions 136.5mm x 51.50mm

Ref. 191
Lozenge shaped version of Ref. 140 123mm x 84mm

Fritz Decorations

Ref. 116
Lock Escutcheon
150mm long

Ref. 117
'Academy scene' 200mm long

Ref. 118
Phoenix 80mm x 40mm

Ref. 119
Lyre 52mm high

Ref. 120
Rosette 40mm diameter


Ref. 121
'Oak leaves' leg decoration 208mm

Ref. 159
leg decoration from Stockholm Fritz


Graf Decoration

Ref. 141
Nameplate frame, see above

Ref. 142
Acanthus leaf decoration
(either side of the nameplate) 210mm

Ref. 143
Acanthus pattern (keywell cheeks) 104mm x 78mm

Ref. 144
Lock escutcheon 107mm wide

Ref. 151
Scheidmayer 1815 rosette 75mm diameter

Ref. 158
Lower case edge decoration from Stockholm Fritz

Ref 166

Large grotesque mask

Ref. 181
Dieudonné & Scheidmayer 1815
Sunburst rosette 57mm diameter

Ref. 205
Brodman decoration
42mm x 46mm

Ref 239



Viennese (Fritz) nameplate bezel
to fit recess 158mm x 44mm