Miglai, Piero 1763 (collection Peter Thresh, UK).

Italian Harpsichord Brassware

Flap hinge from the outer case of an Italian harpsichord signed G Z 1622 on the lowest key; the instrument is at Hatchlands Park, Surrey, part of the Cobbe collection. 45mm x 78mm open

Ref. 150
Strap hinge
Miglai, Piero 1763
Return on this is 9mm; there is an alternative at 12mm





Ref. 149
Flap hinge 38mm x 59mm open

Miglai, Piero 1763

Ref. 156

Strap hinge. I needed something light for a small harpsichord; the return is increased to 13mm.
Top is 80mm x 58mm

Ref. 155

Lock escutcheon, made to match


Ref. 237
‚ÄčItalian style lock, hasp and staple