Mietke copy, 2012 by Jan Kalsbeek, Zutphen

German Harpsichord Stuff

Ref. 65

Mietke pierced strap hinge
100mm wide
Ref. 66
Mietke pierced flap hinge
164mm open
Ref. 99
Small strap hinge, Berlin Mietke125mm open
Ref. 68
Mietke lever handle
50mm high

Ref. 75

Small lever handle, Mietke pattern
40mm high

Ref. 67

Mietke lock assembly with ornate bronze key
96mm high
Ref. 98
Small flap hinge, Berlin Mietke
76mm long
Ref. 128
Lid hinge, Gräbner 54mm wide, 148mm open
(Shows on inside of lid, or can be supplied as a large lift-off hinge.)
Ref. 129
Flap hinge, Gräbner 5mm open
Copy of 1722 Gräbner by John Phillips, Berkeley
Silbermann harpsichord hinges

100mm open dimension x 53mm width

Ref 235
Silbermann harpsichord flap hinge

(shows on inside of 12.5mm thick lid)
100mm open dimension x 53mm width

Ref 236

Silbermann harpsichord main lid hinge (shows on inside of lid)

For spine thickness 18-19mm